Manage Development and Unit Information

As a property manager, you can post housing listings on the MassAccess web site.  These postings will appear in search results for housing seekers.

You can add both housing developments and unit types.

Note: In order for a development to be found in consumer search results, there must be unit types associated with the development that match the specified search criteria.

Manage Developments

  1. Log in.

  2. Choose Manage Developments in the left sidebar.

    Note: You can also access this page by selecting View My Organization in the left sidebar, and then choosing Manage Developments for this Organization.

  3. On the Manage Developments page, you can:

    • View, edit, or delete developments for your organization.
    • Import multiple developments using a CSV file.
    • Manage unit information for your developments.

Follow the links below to learn how to manage housing listings in the MassAccess Housing Registry: