Saving Searches

If you are a registered consumer and you are currently logged in, you can save your search criteria for future visits to the MassAccess web site.

Note: You must be logged in to save a search. If you are not logged in, links to Login and Register are displayed in the left sidebar.

Saving Your Search Criteria

  1. After logging in, conduct a housing search using the criteria that meet your housing needs.

  2. The system displays a Search Results page listing the housing developments and units that match the specified search criteria.

  3. Select Save Search to save the search criteria for future visits to the website.

  4. The system displays the Save Search Options page, where you are prompted to enter a name for the search and to select a corresponding alert frequency.

Viewing Saved Searches

  1. After logging in, select My Saved Searches in the left sidebar.

  2. On the My Saved Searches page, a list of your saved searches is displayed, with links to the following actions:

    • Delete
    • Edit search criteria
    • Edit search name
    • Search Now
  3. You can also set a time interval for receiving email notifications or alerts regarding your saved search criteria.

Edit a Saved Search

  1. On the My Saved Searches page, choose Edit Search for a particular saved search.

  2. The system displays the Advanced Housing Search page containing the existing search information.

  3. Edit the fields to modify your search.

  4. Submit the form.

  5. The system will return to the My Saved Searches page, where you can make further modifications to your saved searches or search again using the updated search criteria.