Advanced Housing Search

An Advanced Housing Search allows you to search units based on a wide selection of criteria. Search results are paginated and browseable.  If you are logged in, you also have the opportunity to save your search to My Saved Searches.

To conduct an Advanced Housing Search, follow these steps:

  1. On the MassAccess home page, select Advanced Housing Search.

  2. Select the criteria you would like included in your search:

    Search by Availability Status - Includes timeframes such as:

    • Available Now
    • Available within 30 days
    • Available within 60 days
    • Available within 90 days
    • Any Availability

    Waitlist Status - Choices for this section include:

    Location Options - You can search by Independent Living Center Resgion or select a town of choice. You can also limit the search results to housing within 5 miles of a specified address.

    Property Description Options - You can indicate whether you would like to see housing that is for:

    • Rent
    • For Sale
    • Rent or For Sale

    Accessibility Status Options - You can narrow the search results by accessibility status, including:

    • Any
    • Accessible/Adaptable
    • Elevator/Ground Floor
    • Has Barriers/Stairs

    Accessibility Feature Options - You can indicate one or more of the following accessibility features:

    • Near hospital or medical center.
    • Some roll-in showers.
    • Communication devices for deaf and hard of hearing.
    • Within a half mile of accessible public transportable.
    • Wheelchair accessible transportation available.
    • Exclusively elderly housing.
    • Accessibility features for the blind.

    Rent Level- You can select one of the following affordability levels:

    • Any
    • Low / Income-based
    • Moderate
    • Market Rate

    Maximum Price - Indicate the maximum Rent / Price (Note: Do not enter a dollar sign or commas.)

    Subsidized Units - Indicate whether the search should include only subsidized units.