MassAccess Transition Announcement 2022


During Fall 2022, MassAccess Housing Registry will be replaced with two websites, Housing Navigator MA and MyMassHome.

Housing Navigator MA will become the official online listing and search tool for accessible and affordable rental homes in Massachusetts.

MyMassHome will become the official online listing and search tool for accessible homeownership opportunities in Massachusetts.

For users searching for accessible and affordable homes:

During this transition period, running from September 8 until October 21, you are encouraged to search on both MassAccess and either Housing Navigator MA or MyMassHome. Once the transition is complete on October 21, listings will only be available on Housing Navigator and MyMassHome.

For listers posting accessible and affordable homes:

As of September 8, please begin posting all affordable and accessible rentals to The HousingNavigator MA and homeownership opportunities to MyMassHome. Any current listing on MassAccess should be moved to either the Housing Navigator or MyMassHome, then removed from MassAccess.

To get a property listed on Housing Navigator MA, please contact the team at or via the Contact Form on Housing Navigator MA’s website. Please vist MyMassHome to create a listing manager account. The Housing Navigator and MyMassHome teams will host a joint training on September 13 at noon. Please register for this training for more information.

All 3% Priority and DMH/DDS units can still continue to be posted to MassAccess throughout the transition. A back-door will be provided after MassAccess has been closed to the general public to continue posting 3% Priority and DMH/DDS set-aside units to MassAccess.

On October 3, you will receive a final notice email requiring any active listing on MassAccess to be moved to either Housing Navigator MA or MyMassHome. We anticipate shutting down MassAccess on October 21.